Bulk Search Á Replace of text, images and metadata

On multiple MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint docs on your computer in 1 operation!

Bulk edit tool saves you lots of time!

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find replace text, images, metadata, connections in excel
find replace text,images,metadata in word
find replace text,images,metadata in PowerPoint
find replace text,images,metadata in Visio
find replace text,images,metadata,connections in office 365

  • Bulk Search and Replace text, images, copyright years, logos, etc. without manual editing!
  • Can use an Excel template to load multiple changes
  • Find words with specific formatting: bold, underline, strike thru or italics
  • Replace or add text formatting : bold, underline, strike thru or italics
  • Convert to PDF
  • Remove images from multiple documents at once!
  • Use Wildcard pattern and/or regular expressions
  • Extract images from all office docs too
  • Unicode support for languages: Chinese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
  • Fix broken server location of template dotx files
  • Download and install the program in less than 2 minutes


For Windows 7,8,10

Excel Find Replace Software

Watch a quick demo:

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